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    The Massachusetts General Laws ("MGL"), or General Laws of Massachusetts, are set forth in five parts.  Each part of the Massachusetts General Laws is titled and contains a certain number of chapters.  The links below will take you to the online version of the Massachusetts General Laws as published by the state.

Part I - Administration of the Government
Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapters 1 through 182

Part II - Real and Personal Property and Domestic Relations
Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapters 183 through 210

Part III - Courts, Judicial Officers and Proceedings in Civil Cases
Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapters 211 through 262

Part IV - Crimes, Punishments and Proceedings in Criminal Cases
Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapters 263 through 280

Part V - The General Laws and Express Repeal of Certain Acts and Resolves
Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapters 281 and 282

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