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Massachusetts Laws About Noncompetition or Non-compete Agreements

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 Massachusetts Laws

The following laws prohibit noncompetition agreements for certain professions:

Selected Case Law

Boulanger v. Dunkin' Donuts, Inc., 442 Mass. 635 (2004) Under the circumstances, "covenants not to compete signed by the plaintiff as part of his franchise agreements with the defendant were enforceable."

Marine Contractors Co., Inc. v. Hurley, 365 Mass. 280 (1974) "Agreement not to compete with Marine was reasonable in time and space."

All Stainless, Inc. v. Colby, 364 Mass. 773 (1974) "A covenant not to compete contained in a contract for personal services will be enforced if it is reasonable, based on all the circumstances."

Richmond Brothers, Inc. v. Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Inc., 357 Mass. 106 (1970) An employer is not entitled to protection against ordinary competition.

Novelty Bias Binding Co. v. Shevrin, 342 Mass. 714 (1961) "It has been long settled in this Commonwealth that a covenant inserted in a contract for personal service restricting trade or competition or freedom of employment is not invalid and may be enforced in equity provided it is necessary for the protection of the employer, is reasonably limited in time and space, and is consonant with the public interest. What is reasonable depends on the facts in each case."

New England Tree Expert Co., Inc. v. Russell, 306 Mass. 504 (1940) " It is settled in this Commonwealth that such contracts are divisible and will not be enforced as to any parts of the covenant that are not reasonably necessary for the protection of the good will of the employer's business.""What is reasonable depends upon the facts in each case"

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Non-Compete Clause: Massachusetts, Wikipedia. This is wikipedia, so use with great caution and be sure to validate what you read by going directly to the cited references. Despite the disclaimer, we've included this because it provides a clear summary of Mass. law with extensive references to case law.

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Print Sources

Effective advocacy: severance and noncompete agreements: a practical demonstration of techniques that work, MCLE, 2004. Also available on Audio CD-ROM.

Making and breaking noncompete agreements, Mass. Bar Institute, 2006.

Negotiating, drafting, and enforcing noncompetition agreements and related restrictive covenants, MCLE, 2009.