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Massachusetts Laws About Immigration

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US Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS). Great site includes links to laws, regulations, forms and much more.

Massachusetts Laws

MGL c.278, s.29D Court must advise a defendant that there may be immigration consequences to such a decision before accepting a plea of guilty, nolo contendre or an admission to sufficient facts.

Massachusetts Regulations

121 CMR Office for Refugees and Immigrations Regulations

Selected Massachusetts Cases

Commonwealth v. Gautreaux, 458 Mass. 741 (2011). Notification to consulate of arrest. " We conclude that the notifications required by art. 36 [of the Vienna Convention] must be provided to foreign nationals on their arrest; and, if not provided, a challenge to the soundness of any conviction resulting therefrom may be made in a motion for a new trial. The standard to be applied in such circumstances is the substantial risk of a miscarriage of justice standard, one that the defendant has not met in this case. "

Federal Laws

8 USC: US Immigration and Nationality Act

The REAL ID Act of 2005, PL 109-13, Division B, Title II, 2005.

Federal Regulations

8 CFR Immigration Regulations

Court and Rules

Immigration Court: Boston, Executive Office for Immigration Review

The Immigration Court Practice Manual. "The Practice Manual is a comprehensive guide that sets forth uniform procedures, recommendations, and requirements for practice before the Immigration Courts. The requirements set forth in this manual are binding on the parties who appear before the Immigration Courts, unless the Immigration Judge directs otherwise in a particular case."

Other Web Sources

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Handbook for Employers: Instructions for Completing the Form I-9, US Dept. of Homeland Security. Extensive document provides answers to key questions such as "What Happens if I Hire an Illegal Alien?"

How to Get a Green Card, Nolo, 2010. Includes information on time frames, getting a greed card through marriage, child immigrants, visa lottery, consular processing and more. Requires Library Card for access.

How REAL ID will Affect You, CNET News. "The Real ID Act would establish what amounts to a national identity card. State drivers' licenses and other such documents would have to meet federal ID standards established by the Department of Homeland Security."

Immigration: Green Cards, Travel and Employment Issues, Mass. Bar Association

Immigration consequences of a criminal conviction, National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts Chapter, May 2002. Eight page summary of portions of the changes to the Immigration and Nationality Act amendment of 1996, which relate to criminal charges and deportation.

Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants.

U.S. Immigration Made Easy, Nolo, 2009. Includes information on green card, eligibility, temporary visas and more. Requires Library Card for access.

Warning for Same-Sex Binational Couples: Marriage Will Not Fix Immigration Problems; May Cause New Ones, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD).